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Freecom x Zurich Japan

【Freecom Online Language Services

Freecom in partnership with Rakuten Super English

Freecom is a language service provider for professional purposes in business, sports and science. With a large client base including several major international corporations (Rakuten, Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Under Armour etc.), as well as universities and hospitals, Freecom has become one of the fastest growing chains of language schools in Japan with an ever growing presence in the EdTech industry through its online services.

Freecom is an official educational partner of legendary J League soccer clubs, Tokyo Verdy and Nippon TV Beleza, and an official partner of Under Armour’s newly formed soccer club, Iwaki FC. We also work with other sports organisations and aspiring athletes. Our translations and editing division has an outsourced department at a medical university, and we have worked on projects set by international organisations including the United Nations for simultaneous translations and scientific editing.


Our multi-feature app contains situational based learning materials including drag and drop activities for speaking and listening drills. Lesson booking can also be completed with a click of a button. You can also keep track of your progress through our Total Performance Evaluation feature which shows improvement in attributes such as communication, pronunciation, fluency, listening and grammar.

Our multi-feature app.

【Japanese Lessons】

Lesson Style:Private/Situation Based

Time: 30 minutes


1. Beginner (Kanji level N5/4)

2. Intermediate (Kanji Level N3)

3. Advanced (Kanji Level N2/1)







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